Here is some testimonials from some of my clients.
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testimonial - paulene

I had 3 compressed disc’s in my neck. With Kates help, I am getting feeling back in my hand and dont need the drugs proscribed by my doctor.
Kate makes every vist welcoming and personal. I would high recommend her for skills and knowledge, and to thank her for helping me feel better.


testimonial - callum



I highly recommend Kate Lee for her remedial massage skills as Kate has helped me immensely in my rehabilitation after severe trauma to my lower right leg and knee. 2 years ago I fell down some stairs and shattered my right tibial plateau and severely fractured my tibia and fibula also. This necessitate a bone graft to repair the tibial plateau and a plate and 14 screws to mend the bones.

My surgeons were non-committed about my outcome from this injury but I have been determined to recover and walk un-aided once again. After 3 months of non weight bearing, I’ve tried Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, countless exercises and now 6 months of weekly massage plus guided exercises under Kate’s supervision, I feel I have gained the most benefit and improvement from this therapy.

I still use my walking stick for long distances and unknown territory, but I feel with the help of Kate’s massage, her level of expertise and her caring nature, I will be back on my own 2 feet very soon.

Mrs Pauline Solomon