Suffering from “Techno Neck?” or “Googleitis?”

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Suffering from “Techno Neck?” or “Googleitis?” 

Neck, shoulders and upper back pain?
Rounding shoulders, Elbow/Wrist pain from Mouse?

By: Kate Lee
Dip Remedial Massage, Adv Dip Myofascial Dry Needling, Cert IV Massage Therapies, Oriental Therapies

With the increased usage of technology, more of us are suffering from long hours at the computer, on our phones or iPads, resulting in ergonomic posture being compromised and fatigued.

When we lower our heads with our arms forward,  this puts stress and tension on our upper back and neck and shortens and restricts the movement in the front of our chest and arms and can even affect breathing, concentration, headaches, migraines.

Regular massage and stretching treatment plans reduce stress and tension from held contractions, unwind tight and locked on muscles, and increase range of motion and circulation.  In turn better productivity, concentration and less pain will result so you can enjoy your time away from technology too!
Do you have good ergonomic practices at home?

  • Computer screen at eye level to limit neck tilt
  • Supportive pillow to ensure proper neck support during sleep
  • Break and stretch when using technology to rest
  • TV, computer and screens all at reasonable distance to protect eyes
  • Stretch morning and night? Especially your problem areas?
  • Ergonomic chair/ Fit ball to sit on – adjustable to suit?
  • Have a treatment plan for regular maintenance massage?  No? Call Kate Lee for a personalised plan

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