Integrating Massage & Pilates – Body Balance

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Everyday I meet people struggling with ongoing tension and pain that just won’t go away! Constant aches, stress, headache, neck pain, sleep disturbances and more. Why? Mostly derive from bad posture from our everyday habits, or over/under active muscle balance. The continual head forward/down, arms and shoulders rounded, incorrect curvature of the spine etc. all takes its toll on your body. As does repetitive tasks using the same muscles creating this imbalance. HELP has arrived!

A combined approach to your body, utilizing the benefits of remedial massage to assess and undo the tension, and Pilates to strengthen any weaknesses, this proves to be a more effective and long term resolution.

Pilates is a disciplined system of exercises specifically designed by Joseph Pilates in 1920’s to strengthen the body and ensure its effective and efficient muscle use & balance.

Combining these modalities has many benefits some are:-

*   Improved circulation and range of movement & Joint mobility

*   Faster rehabilitation and promotes rejuvenation with better circulation

*   Increased flexibility and improved balance

*   Stronger, flatter abdominals and core strengthening

*   Reduced stress levels, increased concentration and promotes better sleep

*   Improved posture and overall muscle tone

*   Reduced pain levels and increased wellbeing and self confidence



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