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Xmas Presents, treat yourself or Kris Kringle…?

Available now from Diamond Valley Sports & Fitness -44 Civic Drive Greensborough

You determine the amount- valid for six months to use in health club or in clinic at Hurstbridge

Call Kate 0413656569

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Everyday I meet people struggling with ongoing tension and pain that just won’t go away! Constant aches, stress, headache, neck pain, sleep disturbances and more. Why? Mostly derive from bad posture from our everyday habits, or over/under active muscle balance. The continual head forward/down, arms and shoulders rounded, incorrect curvature of the spine etc. all takes its toll on your body. As does repetitive tasks using the same muscles creating this imbalance...

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Client Problem:

Massuer’s Perspective:

Client presented with the following signs and symptons of local pain to right lateral elbow joint and forearm pain, constant ache which is exacerbated by use. Man, aged 40 years of age who works as a builder/shopfitter and engages in rigorous daily activities for 8-10 hours daily over last 24+ years. No direct swelling or bruising to the region.

Assessment shows tenderness just distal...

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No Comments on Suffering from “Techno Neck?” or “Googleitis?”

Suffering from “Techno Neck?” or “Googleitis?” 

Neck, shoulders and upper back pain?
Rounding shoulders, Elbow/Wrist pain from Mouse?

By: Kate Lee
Dip Remedial Massage, Adv Dip Myofascial Dry Needling, Cert IV Massage Therapies, Oriental Therapies

With the increased usage of technology, more of us are suffering from long hours at the computer, on our phones or iPads, resulting in ergonomic posture being compromised and fatigued.

When we lower our heads w...

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Facet Arthropathy: An Under diagnosed but Treatable Cause of Low Back Pain

What are the facet joints ?
The facet joints lie on the side of the spine closest to the skin of your back. A pair of these joints can be found at each of the 32 motion segments in the human spine. These joints move with each bend or twist of the body, working in conjunction with the intervertebral disc to allow motion in the neck, trunk, and lower back.

What function do the lumbar facet j...

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